Why donate or volunteer for Baal Dan? Here is what some donors, board members and volunteers have to say about why they support Baal Dan.

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“In Haiti I was able to witness the impact that Baal Dan has on the vulnerable children it serves firsthand.  I knew I was supporting a worthy cause beforehand, but it wasn’t until I met the children and witnessed their dire circumstances that I realized how worthy.  Recognizing that the only thing separating me from these children was an accident of birth, I was humbled and at the same time encouraged by the fact that Baal Dan was offering a solution.  I also came away with a huge appreciation for the diligence and rigor founder Tanya Pinto applies when vetting potential projects and managing Baal Dan’s resources to ensure maximum impact.” Jeremy Hastings, Manager of Category & Shopper Insights, Saputo Dairy Foods USA, and Baal Dan Advisory Board Member since 2012

“I met Tanya in Hyderabad in 2012 when Tanya visited India. Tanya and a group of volunteers including me went to a garbage dump slum to donate necessary items for  kids there. She adored those kids and wanted to help them. It was the first time I ever volunteered for any non-profit in India. Although it was brief, I understood what Baal Dan was and how hands-on Tanya was with her charity. I was very impressed. I met her again at the end of the same year and I volunteered to help out at  a big orphanage in Hyderabad called Child Haven. I saw a beautiful building equipped with things donated Baal Dan. This time I got to spend more time listening and talking to Tanya and got to know a bit more about her. She is a young lady who is so focused and she knows what she’s doing. Her objectives are clear. I think it’s such a clever idea that Baal Dan helps supports infrastructures, food, and education for good and non-corrupted orphanages in India without trying to run its own orphanages. I believe in Tanya and I see that she has made huge impact in children’s lives. It’s been 3 years since the first volunteer day and I still volunteer for Baal Dan to help whatever I can. I meet Tanya every year and she is always the same person. She never stops to take rest and starts working and visiting orphanages from the time she gets off an airplane. She is an amazing person. I am really lucky to be part of Baal Dan.” Pajaree Chakravarthy, Baal Dan Hyderabad Chapter President since 2012

“I truly believe that hunger and other basic human needs (shelter, basic health care, and education) are the source of the world’s problems and that we have the power and resources to solve these problems. And the way to do it is by our own actions, one action at a time. This is what is so compelling about Baal Dan. Through the actions of one person, hundreds of children have benefited. In addition, I lived in India for about 6 months and am aware of the tremendous number of street children there.” Jim Baron, Owner, Blue Mesa Grill and Baal Dan Advisory Board since 2007

“I am not just a Board member but also a great fan and admirer of Baal Dan. In my opinion Baal Dan is doing a fantastic job in reaching out to the neediest of the needy in certain part of India. The resources that Baal Dan generates is put to very good use. I am highly impressed with the good stewardship Baal Dan shows of the resources they receive. If I am not mistaken over 96% to 97% of the funding goes to the ministry work of Baal Dan with a very insignificant amount used for “overhead”. I wish other organizations would follow in the footsteps of Baal Dan. I have the highest regard and respect for it’s founder, Tanya Pinto. She is a woman of great integrity. God bless Baal Dan.” Walter Middleton, Partnership Leader, Food Security and Livelihoods, World Vision International and Baal Dan Board Member since 2006

“The reason I support Baal Dan is very simple, almost 100% of the funds received goes directly to the children in need, and the care is provided with the utmost love and kindness.” Mahesh J. Madhani, Chief Metallurgist, Hurst Metallurgical and Baal Dan Donor since 2007

“I support Baal Dan for a few reasons: my desire to help kids, the amount of impact my donation can make, the knowledge that my donation goes directly to the kids, and the dedication and support from the board members is inspiring.” Alma Fuentes, Brand Management Recruiter, The Richards Group and Baal Dan Volunteer since 2007

“Baal Dan give so many children a chance in life!  You have to donate your time and resources towards Baal Dan as they do such wonderful things and are the most trusted/efficient charity I have ever worked with.” David Charney, AllofYourMemories.com Founder and Baal Dan Advisory Board Member since 2006

“While the challenges and needs of our world can be overwhelming, Baal Dan breaks through barriers to reach scores of children in India who desperately need our help. I see my dollars in action and know my contribution is making a significant impact. I believe in Baal Dan.” Laura Young, Baal Dan Donor since 2010

“In 2007 I accepted a 2+ year job assignment in Hyderabad India, and during my time abroad I knew I wanted to do something to give back to the local community.  Just one month before I left, I met Tanya Pinto at a Baal Dan fundraiser through a mutual friend, David Charney.  I was extremely impressed with her passion for the children she helps and the story behind how Baal Dan was founded.  I know many people are skeptical about giving money to charities in general as you are not really sure if the money you donate ends up helping children in need.  The thing I really love about Baal Dan is that I have no doubt, the money I donate and the time I spend will end up helping a child and potentially breaking the cycle of poverty for that child.  After volunteering with Tanya at multiple locations throughout India, I can’t imagine supporting another charity and hope to continue supporting Baal Dan for many years to come.” Brandon Wulz, Deloitte Global Security and Baal Dan India Advisory Board since 2007

“Baal Dan is an organization that is doing amazing work in helping change the Lives of Under-privileged Children and giving them hope to develop and grow and gain a new meaning to Live! When I met Tanya Pinto , the Founder of Baal Dan , I was completely moved by her passion for the work she and this great organization is and has been doing for the past several years. To see a level of commitment of this caliber and to be willing to spend so much of one’s time and efforts in doing the kind of work that is being done is a great service to society and children in particular. I hope this organization gains in strength and continues to grow and touch the Lives of many, many, more children in the years to come.” Sarosh Parakh, Partner-Premium Properties, Baal Dan India Advisory Board since 2011

“Living in India, you see a huge amount of poverty and individuals who require your support.  However you are never to sure how sustainable your help would be or whether it is going to the most needy of individuals.  Baal Dan gives me an opportunity to support a charity and individuals that looks not just at the immediate need but also the future of these individuals.  Using the saying give me a fish and I will eat today, teach me to fish and I can eat for a lifetime.  You can see real success stories from the work Baal Dan has does in previous years, not just quick wins from this year or last week which other charities tend to focus on.” Donna Ore, HSBC Global Resourcing, Hyderabad and Baal Dan Volunteer since 2011

“I support Baal Dan because I believe all children deserve to be fed, nourished and educated. If a global approach is taken to care for all the children in the world then we begin to heal and ultimately change the world.” Mary O’Brien, Owner, Dream Café and Baal Dan Advisory Board since 2011

“Anytime I organize a group of students to volunteer, one of my go-to organizations is Baal Dan. Not only are they flexible with scheduling but more importantly their Beads for Baal Dan Mala project can be done with just about any group. Regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status every participant walks away more knowledgeable about global issues, educational barriers and the change one can make in a short period of time. I hope more students get to practice this type of service and that it can be incorporated into curriculum that become transformational and not just educational.” Christian Yazdanpanah, Baal Dan Donor since 2010

“The reason I support Baal Dan is that I’ve wanted to do something good in my life. I’ve always had a drive to help others. I thought about many places to help with my talents & skills. When my cousins Lena & Royce Sunny mentioned Baal Dan, I knew this was it. It struck me close to home, since my family is also from India. These children deserve our help. People don’t realize how easy it is for them to support Baal Dan. Even $1 a day can go a long way. Tanya has done a wonderful thing by creating this charity & helping people better understand how they too can help. Now I’ve only been able to help a little here and there with the website, but I hope to help more with my web & graphics background.” Allen Panakal, Web & Graphic Designer/Multimedia Artist and Baal Dan Chicago Chapter member since 2010

“Every time I feed, care for and play with my daughter – my two-year old little princess, I am reminded deep in my heart that Baal Dan is doing everything possible to feed thousands of less fortunate street children in India and provide love, affection and education that they deserve. I had the privilege of being associated with Baal Dan from the time of its inception and also had the opportunity to contribute to its growth. Being part of the Advisory Board of Baal Dan is not just a privilege, it is a talisman that gives fulfillment to my life.” Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja, Partner, Novedea Systems Inc. and Baal Dan Advisory Board member since 2006

“Why Baal Dan? Honesty: I know that every penny that we raise will go directly to helping them. Children: We are helping children. A simple smile from them is enough. Education: I’ve always believed that the only way our world will change is by means of true education. I see this in my home country, Mexico. Education for these kids means their lives will change forever. There is no bigger tool than education. Leadership: I think Baal Dan has proven time and time again that Ms. Pinto is a true leader for our community. It’s easy to get excited and help wherever we can when we see what Tanya has done for all these kids and the country.” Miguel Garcia Castillo, Walton Isaacson and Baal Dan Chicago Chapter member since 2010