If you have an upcoming event you can request a speaker from Baal Dan Charities.Picture 4 copy

You can request Tanya Pinto as a speaker and we also have representatives in Dallas, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington DC, New York City, Australia, Dubai, Hyderabad, India and other areas. If someone from Baal Dan cannot attend your event, we will do our best to provide you with presentations, videos and other materials so you can share the Baal Dan story as well.

To request a speaker: email with your event name, location, date, time and preferred topic.

Sharon Lyle, Organizer, TEDxSMU“Tanya Pinto’s talk at TEDxSMU was a wake up call to audience members. Her poignant message of action, charity and hope was an eye-opening look at the impact one moment and one person can have on so many. What Tanya is doing with Baal Dan is definitely worth knowing about and supporting.”

Francine Maigue, Harvard University, Women’s Empowerment Conference: “Your dynamism, warm heart, touching stories, and compelling presentation demonstrated what it means to serve the world around us to the fullest of our ability. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!”