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Baal Dan is a very unique charity. We have no office, no full-time or part-time staff, none of our Board members are compensated and for many years, our founder subsidized much of the operating cost of the charity with her own salary. Through our network in Dallas, Texas, we have been able to secure pro bono or preferential rates for printing, we have leveraged the use of our website and many free mediums to communicate with donors and our fundraising events are organized with the mandate that we keep all costs to a minimum. We avoid paying costly venue rental fees and we try to avoid doing costly direct mail to donors by relying on email. We strive to eliminate many common overhead costs through always focusing on efficiency and we realize that as we grow, some costs may have to come in, staff may have to hired as with any growing enterprise – however we also focus on making sure we avoid waste, we make the right investments and decisions, and, as we grow we will keep this philosophy.

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