To watch an interview with Tanya Pinto about her work with Baal Dan, the model and a full explanation of her inspiration and the charity click here.

A global citizen, Tanya Pinto was born in India, raised in Dubai and Australia and then moved to the US after graduating with First Class Honors from Curtin University in 1998. From 1999 until 2012, Tanya worked in Brand Management at The Richards Group, a $1-billion advertising agency employing over 900 staff with global clients. Her fast-track career in Account Management encompassed a diverse range of accounts such as Travelocity, Nokia, Skybus Airlines and Children’s Medical Center. In 2012, Tanya started her own consulting practice called “Shakti Consulting LLC“.

Tanya also has a compassionate heart. She is the Founder & President of “Baal Dan”, (which means “Donation to Children”) a US 501c3 charity she founded in 2006 to help orphans in India. Tanya almost single-handedly ran Baal Dan with no staff and while working full-time. Baal Dan has raised over $1 million through Tanya’s efforts and the charity has provided aid to over 10,000 children.  Her work with the charity has been extensive and a few accomplishments include; building a school for 150 children, providing aid to several orphanages and the charity feeds over 1,000 children daily. From 2006 to 2013, the charity provided grants to children in India. After 2013, the charity has funded grants in 12 countries.

Tanya’s reputation as an innovative and dedicated social entrepreneur has received both national and international attention. Recognition for her work includes: being the youngest recipient in history of Curtin University Australia’s prestigious Humanitarian Leadership Award, “The John Curtin Medal” (2011), Harvard University’s Women’s Empowerment Conference “Women of the Year Award” (2010), and the Sri-Sri Ravi Shankar Award for “Uplifting Human Values” (2007). She has been a keynote speaker at Harvard, TEDxSMU and several conferences and has been featured on NBC America, numerous publications and in Gulf News. An accomplished and inspiring speaker, Tanya never fails to move audiences with her passion for her work with vulnerable children. There are over 60 videos of Tanya’s work with Baal Dan on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/baaldan).

To interview Tanya Pinto or to book her as a speaker please email tanya@baaldan.com