Baal Dan has a strong team of individuals that bring a diverse array of skills and perspectives to our organization. From backgrounds such as humanitarian aid development, technology, advertising, architecture, engineering, start-ups, medicine and law, Baal Dan has a support system that is strong, diverse and dynamic. None of our team members are financially compensated, and most have been part of Baal Dan since we were founded in 2006. To be part of the Baal Dan team, please email info@baaldan.com

Tanya Pinto, President & Founder (2006-Present)
Nobby Ahluwalia, Treasurer (2012-Present) Assistant Controller at Bar Louie Restaurants
Neil Pinto, Secretary, Webmaster & University Liaison (2006-Present) Program Manager, SEAKR Engineering
Walter Middleton, International Aid & Strategy (2006-Present) Partnership Leader, Food Security & Livelihoods, World Vision International
Charles Ribaudo, Strategy & Development (2006-Present) Corporate Development, Seagate Technologies
Leslie Showalter, Legal & Research (2006-Present) Librarian, The Richards Group
Allison Horton, Public Relations (2006-Present)
Kanan Pinto, Administration & Support (2006-Present) Neighborhood Medical Center

Riya Bhattacharjee, Director of Fundraising & Development

Accounting Advisory Board
(2012-Present) Treasurer: Nobby Ahluwalia, Manager, The Siegfried Group, LLP

Legal Advisory Board
Baal Dan’s 501(c)(3) filing in 2006 was handled by Haynes and Boone LLP
Current Legal Counsel of Record: John Holzgraefe, Hunton & Williams LLP

Advisory Board (Non-Governing)
David Charney, Owner, Stealth Monitoring
Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja, Partner, Novedea Systems
Jeremy Hastings, Manager of Category & Shopper Insights, Saputo Dairy Foods USA
John Holzgraefe, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP
Angelina Pinto, Newline Construction
Larry Guerri, President, Sosemo
Peter Stettner, The Richards Group & ClickHere