Name & Logo: Baal Dan Charities, means “Donation to Children” in Hindi.

Founder: Tanya Pinto

Federal Tax ID/EIN: 20-4658983

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA

Mission: Baal Dan Charities was formed to support the basic needs and social welfare of impoverished children (mostly orphans and street children) in Asia, Africa, North America and South America, and to promote their welfare. Given the vast number of impoverished children in these regions, Baal Dan’s initial work and presence was focused on India from 2006 to 2012. As Baal Dan expanded globally in 2013, the charity maintained its commitment to providing aid for grassroots organizations that need support and through providing education as a means to break the cycle of poverty.

History: Since 2006, Baal Dan has provided aid to over 3,000 children through grants made to a coalition of grassroots partners such as orphanages and NGO’s that are focused on orphans, street children and impoverished children (including refugees).

Model: Baal Dan’s model includes research and vetting of potential grassroots partners through a thorough selection process. Then, on an annual basis Baal Dan works closely with the grassroots partner on identifying and resolving their most critical needs through the development of annual project goals. Baal Dan manages all aspects of the grantee identification, goals, grant monies distribution and accounting, while offering donors transparent reporting, low overhead and clear communications on the outcome and impact of their charitable gift.

Core Strengths: Baal Dan’s high degree of vetting, transparency and direct relationship with the ultimate beneficiaries – the children – is what makes this charity truly unique, trustworthy and efficient. Baal Dan provides a strategic view to donors and grassroots partners of how best to address and break the cycle of poverty for children in the developing world. Grants focus on education, malnutrition, supplies and toilets, sanitation and hygiene. Baal Dan has also provided grants to build a school, library and orphanages. Baal Dan has a unique fundraising model, relying almost entirely on word of mouth, social media and small events to raise funds and awareness of the charity. While the donor database is small, the charity has cultivated a grassroots appeal for donors who want an authentic and transparent approach to giving. The founder of Baal Dan, Tanya Pinto has filmed and produced over 50 videos of the grants Baal Dan has made to report back to donors on the impact of their gift. This direct approach with minimal costs and overhead is appealing to a constituent of young donors who want to see first hand accounts of how their donation has made an impact.

Administrative Costs: Baal Dan maintains a consistently low ratio of administrative costs due in part to the low operational overhead the charity maintains. The charity utilizes volunteers in a network of Chapters all over the world to minimize costs. The charity utilizes web-based tools to reduce printing, postage and other common administrative costs. The charity has never had any salaried staff since its formation in 2006 and has been heavily subsidized by the time and efforts of the Founder, Tanya Pinto.

Awards & Accolades:
Winner of the “John Curtin Medal” Humanitarian Leadership Award, Australia, 2011.
Winner of the “Woman of the Year Award”, Harvard Womenʼs Empowerment Conference (WECAN), 2009.
Winner of the “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award for Uplifting Human Values”, 2007.
Winner of the “Hunger Charity of Choice” by HungerSite.com, 2007.
Nominee of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (DFW), 2012 Award for Leaders of Excellence.
Featured as a speaker at TEDxSMU and at numerous business networking events, universities (e.g. Rotary International, Harvard, SMU, UTD) and featured in the media on NBC TV (DFW), Voice of America, Gulf News, The West Australian and other publications.
Featured as a keynote speaker at the Network of Indian Professionals Outstanding Leaders Conference (OLC), 2012.